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sEO Service

SEO is a long-term strategy that pushes your website ranking further up in search results that are relevant to your business and operations. This will help increase a business’ visibility, and potentially generate more business opportunities. Through these services, a site can increase the visibility by search engine and be more accessible by potential customers. These services can range  from keyword/phrase optimization, optimization of specific web pages, and important consumer research.

SEM Service

SEM is a short-term marketing strategy which allows you to reach a specific audience instantly, via placement of your business’ websites on search engines such as Google. It is a digital marketing strategy that often targets potential customers who are already searching for the types of products and services that a business is offering. SEM is synonymous with pay per click advertising  as businesses are paying for sponsored advertisements that will immediately target customers.

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SEO Reseller

Being a SEO Reseller, you will help refer interested parties where we can manage their SEO or SEM with the assistance of our resources. This is a win-win, as it makes is an attractive opportunity to earn more while we get to work with more customers and expand our portfolio!

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SGSEO offers a free analysis of your existing business website which we will then use to create a quotation based off the search engine optimization and search engine marketing methods that we plan to implement.