6 Dynamic SEO Tips to Rank in Google

SEO Tips to Rank in Google
Unlock SEO success with SGSEO’s guide! Discover vital tips to boost your Google ranking and elevate your business online presence.
What Is SEO and SEO Tips to Rank in Google?

The first five results on Google get 67% of all clicks. This alone explains why businesses strive to get on the first page and its’ tips, SEO tips to rank in Google, to increase their search engine rank.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the organic process of increasing traffic to your site. SEO is any work that goes into your site to optimize your content for search engine results. 

You may ask, why is that important? Content that appears higher up in search results will increase your chance of exposure and visibility to  users. This increased traffic leads to more prospective customers and sales for your business. 


When thinking of SEO, you may think of the on-page SEO elements including titles, tags, and structures. All these elements serve to place emphasis on specific target keywords to optimize your site. This remains a critical component of SEO, however it only focuses on the search engine algorithm used to calculate ranking. 

With the growing competition, it is also important to consider individual users and their experience with your site content. You want to make sure your content is easy to find and proposes a benefit for those reading it. 

Therefore, factors including design, UX, and content are important as they help establish credibility from users and other potential businesses. This credibility is demonstrated by links from authority sites which can boost both your site’s reputation and search engine ranking.

The SEO Tips to Rank in Google: Distinguishing SEO


There are two main types of SEO for you to understand, Black Hat SEO (BHS) and White Hat SEO (WHS). Each type of SEO utilizes a different methodology based upon your business’ long term intentions. BHS stresses optimization of your site based upon search engine algorithms using methods such as invisible text, duplicate content, and irrelevant content. 

This approach is based upon short term boosts in ranking that can get your site banned. On the other hand, WHS places focus on human audiences and long term business development. WHS is dependent on the effort you put towards improving accessibility and substance of your content.

Within this article, I will provide WHS tips that assist you in navigating around the search engine algorithm while satisfying your users!

1. Create Meaningful & Relevant Content


Content writing is important for SEO because it appeals both to search engine algorithms as well as a human audience.  Search engines crawlers are scanning through your site for relevant content that utilizes your target keywords. Human audiences are looking for some sort of benefit when accessing your site content. 

With meaningful content, you are enhancing the user experience and building credibility with that audience. As a result, they will be more inclined to link back to your site which can help your search engine ranking.

2. Feature User Engagement


User engagement goes hand in hand with creating relevant content. You want to make sure you keep your audience interested and prevent them from bouncing. This can be done through making the content structured and concise. If it is easy to understand, users will be inclined to spend their time and absorb the information on the page.  

Using pictures and graphics to break up the text will make things easier to understand and increase accessibility for visual learners. Within your site, you can also include promotional offers and links on the page. 

Offers will engage users as there is a personal benefit to their interaction with your content. Including relevant links to other pages also provides additional information that a user may be seeking. 

3. Link Building


People may stumble upon your site, but how do they validate that your content is useful? They can use back links to your site when they feel your content is informative and they appreciate what your business creates. As a result, Google sees this as a sense of validation which helps them rank your site. 

Paying for back links is not uncommon, however Google may discount the link back if they find out. Therefore, it is much more preferred that you focus on the quality of your content which prompts organic link backs.

4. Social Media


Google has stated that social media doesn’t factor into search engine ranking, however studies imply otherwise. In fact, there are plenty of methods that social media can be used in order to increase link backs, traffic, and your overall ranking. 

First off, including a share button to your post and encouraging people to share will increase momentum to your page. You can also host contests and work with influencers which increases awareness of your business’ content through social media. 

Social media is one of the main modern tools used in conjunction with on-site SEO to improve your overall ranking.

5. Utilize External Links


There is a benefit associated with including external links to resources within your content. On one hand, it allows your audience to receive a direct source to more information. This will foster more time spent upon your content and establish a sense of credibility. 

Furthermore, search engine crawlers care about the quality of the resource that your business offers. As a result, this factors into your content’s quality score and overall search engine ranking.

6. Plug Your Keyword


You should try to ensure that your main keyword or phrase is scattered throughout the content of your web page. Search engines will use your key words and phrase density to determine how relevant the content is to the search query. At the same time, using the keyword repeatedly can backfire. Search engines will filter out results that repeatedly use the same keyword to mediate spamming. Therefore, it is important to include it within your titles and tags in order to draw more emphasis to the keywords themselves.


SEO is a competitive area that requires in-depth research to optimize existing site content. Most importantly, you are satisfying the needs of your audience while also enhancing your ranking in search engines. Through the tips provided, you can naturally increase your search engine ranking and broaden your business audience.

SGSEO offers comprehensive assistance that simplifies the SEO process for businesses. For a more accurate assessment of what we can do for your site, receive a free quote today!

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